We respect our traditions

The history of Czech animation is more than 100 years old

BRATŘI V TRIKU is a Czech animation studio founded in 1945, later in 1956, was a subsidiary of Krátký film Prague. Over 1,600 animated films were created in this studio, which won hundreds of international awards, including the Oscar for the short film Munro. Also the studio created TV shows and serials, notable are Krtek, Bob a Bobek, Čtyřlístek, Kosí bratři and Mach a Šebestová to name a few.

BRATŘI V TRIKU films have won hundreds of awards at international festivals, and have taken away the Grand Prix or grand prize from such renowned festivals as Berlin, Venice, Chicago, Annecy, Hiroshima, Tampere, Espinho, Cannes, Stuttgart, Oberhausen, Locarno, Ottawa, San Sebastian, Gijon, Montreal and many others. The studio has also enjoyed success at the Oscars, achieving a number of nominations and one award.

The Czech film industry was privatized after 1989, which resulted in lack of finances for animated films and the studio went out of business in 2011.

Czech animation

Czech animation has been a tradition for over 100 years. Czech animators are considered pioneers in film animation. Czech animation dates back to the 1920s, and its “Golden Era” spans between the 1950s and the 1980s. Notable Czech animators include Jiří Trnka, Karel Zeman, Břetislav Pojar, Jan Švankmajer, Vera Neubauer, Hermína Týrlová, and Jiří Barta.

Early Years (1920–1944)

The production of Czech animation began in the 1920s. Most of the films produced in this era were shorter than 10 minutes. In 1927, the animator Karel Dodal began creating a series of advertisements starring the popular character Felix the Cat. Significant animators who began their careers during this period include Břetislav Pojar, Stanislav Látal, Jiří Trnka, Karel Zeman, and Hermína Týrlová.

Golden Age (1945–1989)

The roots of the Czech “Golden Age” of animation began in 1945 when puppet theater operators Eduard Hofman and Jiří Trnka founded the animation studio Bratři v triku. Already the first films of this studio brought critical acclaim to the Czech animation industry by winning short film awards at the 1st annual Cannes Film Festival. Czech animation also expanded following World War II due to the nationalization of Czechoslovak film industry, which allowed the development of feature-length films and more consistent studio output due to an increased amount of resources.
The second most prominent Czech animation studio was based in Zlín.

Modern Era (1990–now)

Though the “Golden Era” has ended for Czech animation, a new generation of animators and animation studios remain who sustain Czech animation traditions. Training in Czech animation is supported by some Czech universities, such as The Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, The Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, and The University of West Bohemia.

The famous Czech artist and cartoonist

Father of two rabits Bob & Bobby


(June 6, 1938 – November 6, 2012) was a Czech illustrator, film director and cartoonist.

His drawings are easily recognizable by the characteristic simple line drawing, interrupted here and there, and with a face ranging from astonishment to the infinite limit of indignation to loss. His characters were always a kind of graphic abbreviation and communication of an idea, an opinion. In his cartoons, he was not afraid to address hot social topics. He was also heavily involved as a cartoonist during 1968 (Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia) and as a result, he could not publish for several years at the beginning of normalization.

Fortunately, he found refuge in the Czech animation studio “Bratři v triku” where he worked as an artist, screenwriter and finally director. For all cartoons, it is necessary to mention at least the films created in collaboration between Vladimír Jiránek and director Václav Bedřich: Pivo přes ulici /1974/, Good Morning /1975/, Výlet ŠŠŠ /1975/. Thank you, gentlemen /1976/.

In 1979, in collaboration with director Václav Bedřich, the famous heroes of the Czech evening dramas Bob and Bobek, who are still among the most popular characters created by Vladimír Jiránek, also appeared on television screens for the first time


In the filmography of the late cartoonist Vladimír Jiránek, nothing can be found that does not remain relevant to this day

Michaela Mertová, Czech film historian of animated film

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Bob and Bobby - Top Hat Rabbits
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Pat a Mat ...A je to
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short animated films

More than 40th years history Bob & Bobby in the Czech animation

Series of short movie producing in studio Bratři v triku and Ateliéry Bonton Zlín

Czechoslovak Television

Bob and Bobby were born in animation studio Bratři v triku

Bob and Bobby were born in animation studio Bratři v triku


Czechoslovak Television

1. SERIES (13x7') - Bob & Bobby Top Hat Rabbits

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Czechoslovak Television

2. SERIES (13x7') - Bob & Bobby Top Hat Rabbits

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Czechoslovak Television

3. SERIES (13x7') - Bob & Bobby Top Hat Rabbits

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Ateliéry Bonton Zlín

4. SERIES (14x7') - Bob and Bobby on the road

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Ateliéry Bonton Zlín

5. SERIES (14x7') - Bob and Bobby on the road

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Ateliéry Bonton Zlín

6. SERIES (14x7') - Bob and Bobby on the road

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Ateliéry Bonton Zlín

7. SERIES (14x7') - Bob and Bobby on the road

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The Boba FILM studio preparing for you

New amazing stories of Bob & Bobby

Feature films (3)

Bob & Bobby on the cinema screen for the first time.

We are preparing for you three new feature films about the adventures of Bob and Bobby, which will be gradually released in cinemas in the period 2024 – 2029.

A movie is already in production

Bob and Bobby's Big Adventure in the Gardening Colony

In development (script)
BOB & BOBBY - On tour with the magician

Bob and Bobby go on a world tour with an old magician

In development (script)
Bob & Bobby - Rabbit colony in danger

The rabbit colony is in danger and Bob and Bobby have to save it again.

The third feature film will be released in cinemas as part of Bob & Bobby’s 50th anniversary celebrations

New series Bob and Bobby (39)

Three new series of short animated stories

Three new series of 13 episodes of 7-10 minutes in length will always loosely follow the film released in cinemas. The characters from the film will experience new adventures

13 episodes is in development One of episode is in production

13 episodes of short animated stories based on the story of feature movie

In development (script)
BOB & BOBBY - On tour with the magician

13 episodes of short animated stories based on the story of feature movie

In development (script)
Bob & Bobby - Rabbit colony in danger

13 episodes of short animated stories based on the story of feature movie

The our first feature film is already in process

Preparing by the BoBa FILM studio with date of premiere in 2024

The director duo

Ondřej Pecha

Director, artist, screenwriter and animator. He completed his bachelor’s degree at FAMU Film and TV School in 1994 with his film, Dva sloni (Two Elephants), which won a number of awards in the Czech Republic – third place at FAMUFEST, the Hermína Týrlová award, and the Jiří Trnka main prize at the Film Festival for Children in Zlín.

He was employed at the Bratři v triku studio in 1982-1997, where he was involved in the production of a number of Bratři v triku film and television series for both Czech Television and international customers.

Mirek Zachariáš

Director, animator, art director for the Silent Cartoons studio. During his long and extensive career, he has worked with many renowned Czech artists and directors on dozens of projects. He has extensive experience of both short animated works and feature films.

His directorial debut, the animated fairytale O ČERTOVI (A Devil’s Tale), which was co-produced by Czech Television, premiered in 2021. The film was included in the ANIFILM and ZLIN FILM FESTIVAL international film festival programmes in 2022.

Both directors began their careers in animated film at the world-renowned Bratři v triku studio. Thus from the outset they had the opportunity to work with famed Czech directors such as Milan Klikar, Gene Deitch, Zdeněk Smetana, Jarka Havettová and Václav Bedřich. With the latter director, he was also involved in production of the series Bob and Bobek.

Logically then, when the opportunity arose not just to animate our two rabbits, but also to take part in producing the film as directors, they did not hesitate for even a second and they were happy to accept the copyright owners of both characters’ offer to revive Bob and Bobek, this time on the silver screen as a feature film.

Their experience acquired from previous collaboration with director Václav Bedřich represents a guarantee of the preservation of Vladimír Jiránek’s film legacy for future generations.

Character Design and Background artist

Martin SKAM Krejčí

Chief artist

Comic artist and cartoonist Martin “Skam” Krejčí began in street art and graffiti creation in the 1990s while concurrently producing comic books which he had begun at a young age. His comic books are particularly appreciated for their distinctive drawing style, based on clean lines. He progressively began to focus on other art activities as well, such as drawing advertisement and film storyboards and interior design.

He has also been co-operating with BoBa STUDIO and BoBa FILM for many years

The timeline and introduction of the main characters of the new movie
Premiere at November 2024

BoBa FILM Production ———-

in collaboration ——————–

in co-production ———————

Filmed in the Czech Republic with Production Incentives from the Czech Film Fund.


DEVELOPMENT – the first part began in 2021, when the story was first approved, and the literary script was written by authors Zbyněk Vičar and Pavel Tomeš, well-known from TV Prima’s stand up comedy programme, “Na stojáka”. The planned end of the Development phase is 2022.12, when the STORYBOARD should be completed.

POSTPRODUKCE  – závěrečná část (střih, hudební a zvukový mix, barevné korekce) bude dokončena  2024.10

PRODUCTION – the second part follows on directly from the end of the Development phase, with production of an 80-minute animated feature film will be implemented. Production will be completed in 2024.06

POST-PRODUCTION the final part (editing, music and sound mix, colour correction) will be completed 2024.10

  • Preliminary

    October 2021 - September 2022

    The process was finished at October 2022

  • Development

    October 2022 - January 2023

    The process was finished at February 2023

  • Production

    February 2023 - August 2024

    In process -  in cooperaton with studio Silent Cartoons

  • Post production

    September - October 2024

    Casting for voice actors               - July 2023

  • Cinema – premiere


    CZ - November 2024       WORLD -                               


Amazing songs by Peter Wajsar

Czech composer and musician whose music straddles a number of musical genres. He won the Czech Lion 2018 award for Ondřej Havelka’s film Hastrman (The Hastrman) and was nominated for an Alfred Radok Award for his music for the musical Pornohvězdy (Pornstars).

Vegetables, this is a hard work

Přehrát video

Bob and Bobby sing about their troubles growing vegetables “Vegetables are hard work…”. Mr. Smarty, on the other hand, sings the praises of chemical sprays to promote growth and against pests “Where there is chemistry, nothing lives there…”

I am the hare and who is more

Přehrát video

The chief of the Wild Hare tribe sings about what it was like in the forest before “I am a hare and who is more…” and Mr. Smarty infected the whole forest with his chemistry “We live in garbage, we cook from garbage…”

Short samples animation from the finished Animated storyboard

100 clon's of Bobby

Bobby wanted to make his job easier and with the help of a magic wand he “cloned” himself so that he wouldn’t have to do it alone…..

Discovery of the Carrot eater

Bob and Bobby set up a photo trap for the Carrot Eater and look at what they managed to catch. When they suddenly…..

Happy river cruise

Bob and Bobby help the hares to clean up the trash that Mr. Smarty brought into the forest. And in doing so, he discovers inflated wheels.

Without water

The whole settlement lost water. And the sweltering heat is quickly destroying everyone’s crops. Only the neighbor Mr. Smarty has enough water, as it seems…


Voice BOB:
Voice BOBBY:

BOB – is bigger, smarter, and often takes on the role of the parent. He endeavors to always do the best he can in everything, even if it doesn’t always go according to plan, as is often the case for parents.

BOBBY – is smaller, more timid, but resourceful and imaginative, and often takes on the role of the child. Both rabbits have novel ideas which often get them into trouble, leading to comical situations. While most characters have manners and morals, this is certainly not a moralizing film. The rabbits get up to mischief, but they do not display any fundamentally negative characteristics.

Bob a Bobby live in a hat in a caravan that belonged to a famous conjurer which is full of magic props, but whenever one of them tries to use one it always somehow blows up in their face… (The conjurer hasn’t turned up for a number of years. His trick of disappearing in front of his wife was so successful that his wife is still travelling around the world to look for him) The caravan is located on an allotment, near to a medium-sized town..



Voice :

SMARTY has a garden right next to Bob and Bobek which he has looked after for many years. He keeps hens and always knows best, although we see later that not all that glitters is gold. Smarty loves competing, and especially winning. That’s why he has collected loads of prizes from best vegetable competitions. In order to win, he secretly uses pesticides, herbicides, poisons, fertilisers and other chemicals which he feeds to his vegetables so they are the most impressive far and wide.


Voice :

THE HARES are a small group – two families including adolescents and an elder hare who takes on the role of chief of their colony. The hares live in a nearby wood, but they are in a terrible situation. Rubbish has been dumped illegally in their home, mainly under cover of night by Smarty. Because they now lack food, they have to steal vegetables from the nearby allotment. They are naturally timid and distrusting, but they stick together and help each other out.


Voice :

The Common Carrot Eater, or CAROTA agri /manducans carrots/ – Of course there is no Common Carrot Eater, but in the minds of Bob and Bobek, the two rabbits from the hat, he is their arch enemy, who has been nibbling away every night at the harvest they’ve worked hard to grow in their small garden by the old magician’s caravan. They didn’t come up with this idea by themselves, of course: their mischievous neighbour Smarty cooked up the story for them in order to draw attention away from his own dastardly deeds growing vegetables at his cottage in the allotment.




Overweight, he carries a large bunch of keys and has the long, mechanical diction of a tour-guide, which he only falls out of in the most dramatic moments.



A hunchback wimp with a poisonous smile and piercing eyes. He provides Smarty with various chemicals so that he always has the most beautiful vegetables of the whole allotment (even though they cannot be eaten).



Grandpa is old school, he uses various excuses, he doesn’t really mess with anything. He grows vegetables “the old-fashioned way” and fertilizes with a layer of fine compost. Of course, the surroundings it don’t “smell” so much.



A pretty, taciturn, petite girl who regularly visits her grandfather in the colony and helps him grow vegetables in the garden.



They have an important role in the story. Although initially they serve Smarty, in the end they rebel, save Bobek from his imprisonment and help to expose Smarty’s cheating by using chemicals to grow his vegetables.